In his own words, indigenous Wiradyuri elder Dinawan Dyirribang tells the story of his people's experience of the colonisation of Bathurst, Australia’s oldest inland settlement. It is a bloody and violent history cloaked in silence, and maintained by a pact of secrecy that characterises the foundational narratives of so many Australian regional towns. His story reveals how the emotions of early colonial encounters, particularly grief and guilt, have persisted into the present day and how they continue to shape the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous people of Bathurst.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the documentary may ultimately contain images and voices of deceased persons.


Still of indigenous Wiradyuri elder Dinawan Dyirribang from HIDDEN, credit Dane Howell, 2018.

Image: Still from HIDDEN, credit: Dane Howell. © Used with permission.

This film is in production, forthcoming 2019.


Juanita Ruys (producer); Cassie Charlton (director); Gabriel Watts (Education and Outreach Officer); Bastian Phelan (Education and Outreach Officer); Bonnie Fan (editor); Dane Howell (DOP).


Bathurst Wiradyuri and Aboriginal Community Elders at Charles Sturt University

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The footage was filmed on the traditional lands of the Wiradyuri people.

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Images: Stills from HIDDEN, credit: Dane Howell