Exhibition Catalogues

Catalogue Entry 2020

Tarantino, G., G. Riello and J. M. Pérez Fernández, eds. Encounters at Sea: Paper, Objects and Sentiments in Motion Across the Mediterranean. Firenze: Bandecchi & Vivaldi, 2020.

Catalogue Entry 2019

Broomhall, S. & Van Gent, J. ‘Jan Mijtens, Portret van Maria van Oranje met Hendrik van Nassau-Zuylenstein en een bediende, c 1665’. In Bewogen Beeld: Op Zoek Naar Johan Maurits (Shifting Image: In Search of Johan Maurits), edited by E. Gordenker, p. 86. The Hague: Mauritshuis/Waanders Uitgevers, 2019.

Catalogue Entry 2018

Read, R. ‘Fitz Henry Lane, Brace’s Rock, Brace’s Cove, 1864’.  In Conversations with the Collection: A Terra Foundation Collection Handbook, edited by P. J. Brownlee, K. M. Bourgignon and E. Glassman. Chicago: Terra Foundation for American Art, 2018). 550 words plus 1 colour.

Catalogue Entry 2017

Hesson, A., M. Martin and C. Zika, eds. Love: Art of Emotion 1400‒1800.  Melbourne: National Gallery of Victoria, 2017. (Hard Cover)