Research Groups Seeking Funding to Develop External Grant Applications on the History of Emotions


The ARC Centre for the History of Emotions (CHE) is open to requests for funding to support research groups involving CHE members to develop external grant applications in the History of Emotions.

Eligibility and requirements:
  • Funding is available to members of research groups which include CHE members (past and present) i.e. Chief Investigators, Senior/Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Associate Investigators (AIs) in any year(s) from 2011 to the present day, CHE postgraduate candidates (current or graduated), Partner Investigators and International Investigators. Eligible funding may include, but is not limited to: travel to workshop a funding application; administrative support; research assistance; research that constitutes a pilot study or seed funding that will form the basis of an external grant application. Note: ARC funds may not be used for teaching relief.
  • History of Emotions research must be central to the project for which external funding is sought.
  • There will normally be a minimum of two CHE members named in an application proposal. In considering the applications, the Committee will take into account the value to Australian-based scholars and to Australian scholarship in the History of Emotions.
  • Applications must nominate the funding body, the name and amount of the external grant for which they intend to apply as well as any application deadlines.
  • Applications must include:
    • a provisional title and description of the project to be workshopped;
    • a plan and a timeline;
    • the names, institutional affiliation and roles within the project of proposed team members. Note: CHE members (past and present) seeking financial assistance must have a current research profile on the CHE website, and must have submitted a research project page for their current and previous individual CHE project(s) for inclusion on the CHE website.
    • an itemised budget (see attached spreadsheet). If travel is required, then an individual budget entry should be made for each participant for whom travel/accommodation costs are requested.

One application is to be submitted on behalf of the group. Applications may be submitted at any time up to 31 July 2017 (subject to the availability of funds) to the Centre Manager, Tanya Tuffrey: Each submission must be in a single document in pdf format.

NOTE: CHE may not be able to offer financial assistance to every participant. In the event that there are more eligible participants than can be supported, the selection committee will rank participants according to distance travelled, financial need, current employment status and access to other sources of funding.


Notification of the outcome of the application for funding assistance will be made by the Centre Manager. Any travel (flights, accommodation, etc.) approved for funding will be organised and paid for by the National Administrative Officer via The University of Western Australia. Further details will be provided to successful applicants about the mechanism for all other payments.

Click on the links to access the guidelines and budget application worksheet.