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Zest Festival

Zest Fest 2013 from ABC Open Mid West WA on Vimeo.

Far from Home: Adventures, Treks, Exiles, Migration

Date: 21-22 September 2013
Location: Kalbarri, Western Australia

The Centre for the History of Emotions is a partner to the Zest Festival, run by the Kalbarri Development Association. The Zest Festival, held annually from 2012 to 2016, is a weekend celebrating cultural contact from the seventeenth-century Dutch to the present. Missed out in 2012?...Join us in 2013 as we explore connections with South Africa!

South Africa was a critical place to rest, restock and reman your vessel for those traveling along Dutch trade routes. Who would have hopped on the Zuytdorp and placed their fate at the cliffs of Western Australia? Let the music and dance of South Africa get you moving and open your heart to be moved by stories of the Cape. We will be exploring our cultural connections to the Cape and celebrating these through dance, movement, art, music, performance, food and adventure. This year we will uncover the meaning of home and the power of travel to forge bonds and relationships over vast distances.

For events and programing visit the Zest Festival website

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 Zest book 70x70Far From Home: Adventures, Treks, Exiles, Migrations
The Zest Festival, September 2013.
Download Part One here.
Download Part Two here.
                       Download Part Three here.

Contact: Ms Bec Millar, CHE Zest Festival Coordinator +61 428931362,