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The Cry of the Excluded: A Writer's Perspective


Hans Holbein, The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, woodcut, in Les Simulachres et Historiées Faces de la Mort, Lyon: Melchior and Caspar Trechsel, 1538.

Date: Thursday 29 May 2014 (FREE)
Time: 6.15 pm
Venue: Latham Theatre, Redmond Barry Bld,The University of Melbourne
Speaker: Arnold Zable

Related Events: This lecture is held in conjunction with "Feeling Exclusion: Emotional Strategies and Burdens of Religious Discrimination and Displacement in Early Modern Europe" and a concert by e21 "From Mourning to Joy: Exclusion and Redemption," which will take place at 6:15, on Friday 20 May.

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We all have a story to tell, and the denial of the story can lead to despair. This despair is the age-old cry of the excluded. Drawing on his journey as a writer and as a human rights advocate, Zable will explore this cry in contemporary settings and recent history, and explore ways of enabling the excluded to have their cry heard, their stories told, and their anguish recognised.

Arnold Zable is an acclaimed writer, novelist, and human rights advocate. His books include Jewels and Ashes, The Fig Tree, Café Scheherazade, Scraps of Heaven, Sea of Many Returns and most recently, Violin Lessons, where he continues his exploration of exile and displacement in stories spanning the
globe. He has written extensively on human rights issues and has worked with asylum seekers, refugees, the deaf, problem gamblers, survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires and other groups using story as a means of self understanding. He has a doctorate from The University of Melbourne, where he is a Vice-Chancellor’s fellow, and was recently awarded the Voltaire prize for human rights advocacy and the advancement and freedom of expression.

For more information: Tel: +61 3 8344 5152 or contact Jessica Scott jessica.scott@unimelb.edu.au