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Musica Viva Pre-Concert Talk Series (6)

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Dr Rosalind Halton  (University of Newcastle)

Paper Title:
From monastery to glee club
While the observance of sacred and solemn occasions has been the foundation of polyphonic singing for centuries, there is also an informal side to the contrapuntal repertoire. While 'off duty', the singing clerks of Europe's great cathedrals and courts would sing of less exalted subjects, sending up love, passion, jealousy, and occasionally  - as in the case of the Prince  Gesualdo of Naples - spilling over from poetry into real life. A development of this branch of exclusive male entertainment - the glee club - was lubricated by drinking songs whose risqué texts are now offered to mixed audiences.

Event Information:
In this 'Amarcord Insight Partnership', the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions has collaborated with Musica Viva to offer a series of pre-concert research talks inspired by the work of Amarcord, the Leipzig based a cappella song group who perform repertoire from the Renaissance to the modern day.  The pre-concert talks are free.  Tickets for the Amarcord concerts are available from Musica Viva.

Newcastle Conservatorium Concert Hall

Time and Date:
6.15pm on Saturday 28th July, followed by Amacord concert at 8pm

About the presenter:
Dr Rosalind Halton is a harpsichordist and researcher in the field of Italian baroque music, with many editions and internationally published essays, particularly on the music of the Scarlatti family. Her recordings include an award-winning disc 'The French Harpsichord' for ABC Classics, and a 3 CD set of cantatas and serenatas by Alessandro Scarlatti, performed by leading Australian baroque specialists. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle and has participated in a CHE collaboratory on Rhythm, Text and Gesture in Baroque vocal music

Contact Details:
Pam Bond - Email or Phone 08 6488 3858