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Musica Viva Pre-Concert Talk Series (4)

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Date: Tuesday 24 July 2012
6.15pm, followed by Amacord concert at 7pm
Canberra Llewellyn Hall (seminar / function room)
Dr Merridee Bailey (Australian National University)

Paper Title:'Love and Marriage in History: Devotion, Lust, Despair and Betrayal'
Renaissance madrigals and folk songs from the 16th to the 20th centuries expose the artistic representations of longing, love and desire. Can we recognise in this music and lyrics the ideas of love, marriage and devotion that absorb and excite us today? From initial longing, to expressions of devotion, combined with the potential for despair, history is littered with the lives of men and women whose love has been recorded. This talk explores the ideas and feelings associated with romantic love and longing in history.

In this 'Amarcord Insight Partnership', the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions has collaborated with Musica Viva to offer a series of pre-concert research talks inspired by the work of Amarcord, the Leipzig based a cappella song group who perform repertoire from the Renaissance to the modern day.  The pre-concert talks are free. Tickets for the Amarcord concerts are available from Musica Viva.


Dr Merridee Bailey lectures in the School of History and the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University on historical methodology. She has also recently lectured on medieval European history at the University of New England. Her research interests include ideas about virtue and courtesy in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century England and more recently, the role of women in urban communities in sixteenth-century London. She is an Associate Investigator for the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions investigating emotive language in legal cases. She is the author of Socialising the Child in Late Medieval England, c.1400–1600.

Contact Details:
Pam Bond - Email or Phone 08 6488 3858