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Literary Emotion Methodologies Study Day

 Reading 500x250

 Camille Corot  (French, Paris 1796–1875 Paris ),
A Woman Reading. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Date: Friday 11 October 2013
Time: 9.00am - 5.30pm
Venue: Old Physics-G16 (Jim Potter Room), The University of Melbourne
Travel Funding: There is limited travel funding available for members of the CHE who wish to attend and do not have their own travel budget.  Please submit travel request to Aleksondra Hultquist by 17 September.
Dinner: on Thursday 10 October at 7pm on Lygon Street.
Registration Deadline: 4 October 2013.  Contact Jessica Scott to register and receive a reading pack.

The morning sessions will consist of roundtables that explore methods of the History of Emotions as applied to Literary Studies and literary texts.  In the afternoon sessions we will discuss pre-circulated readings that provide models and methodologies for literature and the history of emotion.

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  • Merridee Bailey, University of Adelaide: “Reading Emotions in Dramatic and Non-Dramatic Literary Texts for Early Modern Merchant Audiences”
  • Peter Holbrook, University of Queensland: “‘Process Philosophy’, Literature and the Emotions”
  • Aleksondra Hultquist, University of Melbourne: “The Passions and Literary Love in the Eighteenth Century”
  • Rebecca McNamara, University of Sydney: "Emotional Communities and Literary Genre”
  • Grace Moore, University of Melbourne: “By the Blazing Firelight: Campfires and Portable Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century Australia”
  • Stephanie Trigg, University of Melbourne: "What is an emotive?: William Reddy’s The Navigation of Feeling and (In)Direct Discourse”