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Languages of Emotion: Concepts, Codes, Communities

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A Collaboratory organised for the Meanings Program, ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, at The University of Western Australia.


CHE Collaboratory Title:
Languages of Emotion: Concepts, Codes, Community

Convened by:
Professor Yasmin  Haskell (University of Western Australia)
Professor Philippa Maddern (University of Western Australia)

24th and 25th August 2012

M.E. Wood Room, St Catherine's College, 2 Park Rd, Nedlands WA (adjacent to the UWA campus).

Download Draft Program

Aims of the Collaboratory
The emotional terminology of medieval and early modern Europe was inherited from ancient Greece, Rome, and their Christian,  Jewish and Islamic successor cultures. But if Latin was the principal language through which 'tristitia', 'acedia', 'gaudium', 'admiratio', 'contemplatio', 'melancholia' and the like were transmitted to and within the learned communities of medieval Christendom and the early modern Republic of Letters, how were these terms received, 'naturalised', and inflected in the European vernaculars, and transformed by contact with non-European cultures? Another important issue for discussion is whether and how different languages and linguistic communities command and transmit different emotional repertories. And what sorts of emotional information are revealed/ concealed by multilingual writers through the operations of code-switching? Finally, we might consider the emotional investment of certain groups in the use of particular languages or 'epilanguages'.

Registration and Contact Details:
All interested researchers welcome.  Registration is free: but for catering arrangments, if you wish to attend, please rsvp to Ms. Pam Bond by 10 August 2012.

For further information, please contact:
Pam Bond, University of Western Australia
Email: pam.bond@uwa.edu.au
Phone: +61 8 64883858