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Changing Hearts Symposium: Performing Jesuit Emotions Between Europe, Asia and The Americas

 Changing Hearts Symposium Cambridge 2014

Woman with a vihuela de mano by Nobukata, a Japanese trained at the Jesuit painting school, hanging scroll, colour on paper, Japan, early 17C, Yamato Bunkakan, Nara. © Melanie Trede.

Date:        7–8 March 2014
Venue:     Trinity College, Cambridge (UK)
Inquiries:  Yasmin Haskell  or Raphaële Garrod
Complete and return registration form by 27 February 2014 (extended from 23 February).  Discounted student registrations are now available.

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The early modern Society of Jesus excited and channeled emotion through sacred oratory, Latin poetry, plays, operas, art and architecture; it inflamed young men with holy desire to die for their faith in foreign lands; its missionaries initiated dialogue with and ‘accommodated’ to non-European cultural and emotional regimes. While Jesuits certainly didn’t have a monopoly on ‘feeling’ in the early modern period, they conducted, in all senses of the word, much of the emotional energy of their times. This
workshop invites participants to reflect on the ways in which the passions and religious emotions were roused and represented by Jesuits of the Old Society to change hearts, both in Europe and abroad. We construe ‘performance’ in the broadest sense, from rhetoric to music, pageant to prayer, teaching to mourning, and we also moot a performative ‘residue’ in Jesuit artworks and poetry ostensibly designed for private reading and silent

This symposium is hosted by the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions’ History of Jesuit Emotions project, with the support of Trinity College, Cambridge (UK) and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Neo-Latin Studies, Innsbruck (Austria).

*Note: Registrations are being managed by the national office of the Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions at The University of Western Australia in Perth.