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Animal Psychology and Human Nature: A Historical Perspective

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Guest presenter:
Professor David Konstan  (New York University)

Title of Masterclass:
Animal Psychology and Human Nature:
A Historical Perspective

Time and Date:
10am -4pm on Thursday 23rd August

Old Senate Room, IAS, UWA

Cost: Free but registration is essential. Registration closes on 16 August (or until full)

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Masterclass Flyer

Further enquiries:
08 6488 1340 or ias@uwa.edu.au

The IAS Masterclass provides an opportunity for postgraduate students
and early career researchers to meet and discuss their research with a
distinguished visiting scholar.  Participants will present short papers within the framework of the stated topic, which will then be opened for discussion by the group. Places are available for those who wish to participate in the discussion, but do not wish to give a paper.  Interested postgraduate students, early career researchers and academics from all relevant disclines at all Perth universities are invited to attend, as well as those working in relevant fields.


How we view animals has a lot to tell us about how we view ourselves, as
human beings. In classical antiquity, it was widely supposed that animals
lacked reason (what the Greeks called logos), and that consequently they did not even have emotions in the full sense of the word. But what is reason, and can we use it to draw a boundary between ourselves and other species?
In this Masterclass, we will begin by examining the ancient arguments, and
then proceed to consider how they may help illuminate (or not) modern
views of human versus animal nature.
Perspectives from a wide variety of modern disciplines will be most 

David Konstan Biography:

David Konstan is Professor of Classics at New York University and Professor
Emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature at Brown University.
His research focuses on ancient Greek and Latin literature, and on classical and Hellenistic philosophy. In recent years, he has investigated the emotions and value concepts of classical Greece in Rome.

Professor Konstan is a visiting UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Professor-at-Large.   His is a member of the CHE International Advisory Board.