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A History of Heritage: Emotions in Blood, Stone and Land


Date: 9 - 10 September 2013
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Organisers: Susan Broomhall, Alicia Marchant, Diana Barnes
Contact: sarah.finn@uwa.edu.au for more information

This collaboratory explores the long affective history of heritage, from the medieval period to the present. We are interested in how the meanings and focus of the concept of heritage have changed over time - as it has been represented in families and bloodlines, monuments and objects, and in landscape and places imbued with memory. In this light, we analyse the connections between blood, stone and land, and consider how they have been understood as heritage through their inter-relationships and through
their emotional dynamics. Practitioners in heritage, art and museology come together to explore themes of shared interest with scholars from a range of academic disciplines, from archaeology and literary studies to philosophy and history. Discussions range from the meanings of carved stone for medieval Orcadians and the classical traditions of early modern England to battlefields in Britain and Australia, the Scottish and English heritage of nineteenth-century settlers and convicts, the collecting habits of modern Australians, and the public heritage of contemporary Scotland. Tasmania’s unique heritage renders it a particularly appropriate place to discuss the interrelations of places, objects, monuments, blood, emotions and history.

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