South Australia School Activities

Education and Outreach Officers Wendy Norman and Carly Osborn from The University of Adelaide worked with Centre researchers across Australia to create the 2018 Australian Curriculum Teacher Education Packs for Years Foundation to 10.

Download the packs here


Titles include:

  • Aha! You're a Witch! Early Modern European Witch-Hunts (Year 8)
  • 'Colourful Feelings: Responding to Historic Art Sources' (Years 3 to 4)
  • 'Fire Stories: Bushfires and Australian Colonial History' (Year 4)
  • 'Historians are Curious: Examining the Historical Inquiry Process' (Years 7 to 8)
  • 'On the Move: Transport Toys Through History (Years F to 1)
  • 'Shakespeare the Drummer: Rhythm and Metre in Shakespeare's Plays (Years 9 to 10)