New South Wales School Activities

Researchers at CHE at The University of Sydney have investigated demonic emotions, and emotions related to death and suicide. The education and outreach program looked for ways to connect our historical research to the concerns of contemporary Australians. We work with individuals and groups to develop projects that insect with our research themes.

Education and Outreach Officers at The University of Sydney from 2012 to July 2018 were Gabriel Watts (2012–2013); Cassie Charlton (2013); Craig Lyons (2014–2017) and Bastian Phelan (2017–2018). They focused on developing public audiences for the Centre's research, and worked in collaboration with the Social Inclusion Unit at The University of Sydney to deliver workshops to school students. These workshops used historical resources to engage students with questions such as "how can we find emotions in history?" and "do emotions change over time?".


Watch 'Bodies in Distress' a film highlighting the work of academics at CHE Sydney and collaborations with artists to bring the work of the Centre for the History of Emotions to the broader community.

Legacy of Emotions: Sydney Node
Education and Outreach booklet
A snapshot of the Education and Outreach activities undertaken by The University of Sydney node of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions from 2012–2018.