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The University of Sydney Node of the CHE is led by Dr Alan Maddox. Dr Kimberley Knight† and Dr Keagan Brewer served as the Deputy Leaders for the Node until 2021.


The University of Sydney Node of the CHE was led by Chief Investigator Dr Juanita Ruys, whose primary areas of research are the attribution of emotions to demons in the Middle Ages and Scholastic approaches to empathy. The Node included two postdoctoral research fellows: Dr Kimberley Knight whose research interests include the intersection of love, sex, and marriage in medieval Norway and Iceland, with a particular focus on the materiality of love, such as carved love tokens. She has previously worked on the role of tears in medieval spiritualty. Dr Umberto Grassi works on Christian-Muslim relations in the early modern period, with a particular focus on questions of intercultural sexual relations, religious tolerance, and the relationship between sexual behaviour and heresy. He has previously worked on early modern histories of sodomy.

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