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Sing d'Arcy (2013)

Sing d'Arcy is an Associate Investigator (2014) at The University of New South Wales. He completed his undergraduate architectural studies at the University of Sydney, where he later returned to realise his doctoral studies in architectural history. His thesis, titled ‘The Organ as Architecture: Reconfiguring the Ecclesiastical Space of the Hispanic Baroque’ investigated the role of the organ in the transformation of the interior architectural space of cathedrals in Spain and its realms during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

In 2013 he was appointed as an Associate Investigator with the ARC Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotions: Europe 1100-1800, Performance Program. In 2009 he was a visiting scholar in the Art History Department of the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. Sing also regularly contributes to industry journals such as Artichoke reviewing new interior design projects in Sydney.

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Space, music and emotion: architecture and the organ in early modern Spain