Shane McLeod

Dr Shane McLeod is an Associate Investigator (2013) is an Honorary Staff Member in the School of Humanities at the University of Tasmania, and was an Impact Research Fellow in the Division of History and Politics at the University of Stirling, UK. He has a BA and PhD from The University of Western Australia and a Master of Viking and Early Medieval Studies from Uppsala University, Sweden. His research focuses upon migration, ethnicity and identity and performative aspects of ritual within historic landscape settings during the Viking Age, particularly in Britain. In 2013 He was an Associate Investigator with CHE for a project investigating the emotional background to the placement of rune-stones in Sweden, which resulted in an article in the Journal of the North Atlantic. A new collaborative project Funeralscapes with ethnomusicologist Frances Wilkins and environmental psychologist Carlos Galán-Díaz (both at University of Aberdeen) fits well into the 'emotions and environment' research cluster. Through re-experiencing and interpreting the sonic environment of historic funeral sites they hope to learn more about why people chose specific locations for burial, their acoustic qualities, and the roles of music and sound during the funeral process. Questionnaire's distributed to volunteer 'performers' help the group assess the emotional impact of the re-created ritual and the environment in which it is set. He has written a monograph and a number of journal articles, some of which can be read on his profile listed below.

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