Research Stream

Samuel Harvey

Samuel Harvey is a PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne, working under Prof. Angela Ndalianis and Dr Lisa Beaven in exploring the sensory experiences and connections between our current visual culture and earlier modes of representation and visuality.

His thesis, Rococo Film Aesthetics and the Sinuous Cinema of Sofia Coppola, explores how the eighteenth-century decorative style of the rococo has emerged in contemporary film, as particularly evident in the work of director Sofia Coppola. Samuel is interested in film aesthetics, and his work primarily explores the more sensuous, emotional and empathetic aspects of film. In particular, Samuel is concerned with the synaesthetic aspects of film spectatorship, and how the moving image inspires our complete sensorium. Further research interests include the intersection of film, fashion and architecture; animation; and the construction, theorisation and history of visual culture.



Rococo Film Aesthetics and the Sinuous Cinema of Sofia Coppola