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Samantha Owens

Historical musicologist Samantha Owens is a full term International Investigator at the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She lectures in music history, historical performance practice and musicological research methodology, and is also a baroque oboist. Her research interests are focused on 17th-century German Singballett, early 18th-century German and British court music, John Sigismond Cousser (Kusser; 1660–1727), the early history of the orchestra, and the influence of German music and musicians in Australasia, 1870–1950.

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The Use of Instrumentation to Represent Emotions in the Theatrical Music of the German Baroque (1600–1750)


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Owens, S. 'Theodor Schwartzkopff and French Music at the Court of Württemberg-Stuttgart in the 1680s'. Musik in Baden-Württemberg Jahrbuch 20 (2013): 31–43.

Owens, S. 'The Theatre/Stage'.  In Emotions in Early Modern Europe: An Introduction, edited by Susan Broomhall. (Routledge, forthcoming).  


Owens, S. ‘"Here No Rank is to be Observed": The Role(s) of Dancing Masters and Dancing Nobility in German Courtly Ballets, 1650–1700', paper for the 18th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium, New College Oxford, April 2016.