Research Stream

Robyn Heckenberg

Robyn Heckenberg is Associate Professor and Dean of Learning and Teaching, Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University, Perth. She is an Honorary Associate Investigator (2016) with the ARC Centre for the History of Emotions.

Robyn is a Wiradjuri academic with a PhD from Monash University. She works at the interface between creative practice and theory, and has participated in action research with outcomes accommodating success in both Indigenous curriculum and research. Robyn is interested in the philosophies of education, history of art theory, and social commentary and mission histories regarding cross-cultural contact, conflict and tolerance. She supports Indigenous notions of self-determination within a discourse of Indigenous research and community education and development. Recent enquiry has been about the role of curator in supporting cultural sovereignty, and ways of being, in a number of contexts at the cultural interface. Her ongoing research and community obligations are embedded in community aspirations for Indigenous cultural sustainability and economic viability. Robyn has portrayed Indigenous story visually and written narrative contexts.



The Emotions of Connection and Alienation: An Emotional and Spiritual Reflection of Place

Selected Presentations

Conference Paper: ‘Inter-relatedness of Being: The Spiritual Power of the Natural World to Support Human Emotion and Resilience’, Third International Conference of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions ‘The Future of Emotions/Conversations Without Borders’, The University of Western Australia, 14–15 June 2018.

Conference Panel Paper: ‘Liberating Stories of Mission Life: The Australian Aboriginal Narratives’, Inaugural Conference of the Society for the History of Emotions, ‘Emotions of Cultures/Cultures of Emotions: Comparative Perspectives’, UWA, 11–13 December 2017.

Collaboratory Paper: ‘Depictions of Aboriginality in Colonial Australia: Reflections of Colonial Wit in European Colonial Art and Writing, Compared with Aboriginal Feeling Resonating in Aboriginal Colonial Creative Practice’, 2016 Shaping the Modern Program Collaboratory: 'Emotions, Materiality and Transformations in the Colonial Contact Zone', UWA, 7–8 March 2016.