Robert White

Bob White is a Foundation Chief Investigator (2011–2018) and leader of the Meanings Program (2011–2018), which focused on the ways in which emotions have been defined and understood in premodern European culture, covering literature, history, visual arts, musicology, drama and others. Bob's own work concerns how emotions were described and represented in Shakespeare’s plays and adaptations of them into film. He also researches Peace Studies, and the younger Romantics especially Keats and Hazlitt. He is also involved in research into UWA’s New Fortune Theatre, an exact reconstruction of the Fortune Playhouse built in 1600 in London. From 2019, he is Emeritus Professor (English and Cultural Studies) at The University of Western Australia.


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Selected Publications


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Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

White, R. S. Gusto: Keats, Hazlitt, and Pictorial Art’. The Keats-Shelley Review 32.1 (2018): 4754.

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Selected Presentations

Public Lecture: ‘Love in Times of War: War Wives and Widows in Shakespeare’, Institute of Advanced Studies, The University of Western Australia, 10 April 2018.

Presentation: ‘The Pot Plant of Love and Death: John Keats and Freud’s Mourning and Melancholia’, to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Section of the History, Philosophy and Ethics of Psychiatry (WA), Workspace Unlimited, Swanbourne (WA), 3 October 2017.

Public Lecture: ‘Sense and Sensibility and Jane Austen’s Lexicon of Emotions’, ‘New Perspectives on Jane Austen’ lecture series, Institute of Advanced Studies/Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, UWA, 20 June 2017.

Symposium Paper: ‘Ian McEwan’s Nutshell as Avant-Garde Hamlet’, ‘Hamlet and Emotions: Then and Now’ CHE symposium, UWA, 10–11 April 2017.

Plenary Lecture: '"Food for powder, food for powder; they'll fill a pit as well as better: tush, man, mortal men, mortal men": War Casualities, Shakespeare style'. ‘Cultures of Mortality’ Shakespeare's Globe, London, 1‒3 December 2016.

Keats Foundation Annual Lecture 2016: ‘“I look upon fine Phrases like a Lover”: Keats’s Shakespearean Quotations’, Keats House, Hampstead, London, UK, 6 September 2016.

Public Presentation: 'Shakespeare and Emotions', 'Shakespeare-400-Emotions' Institute of Advanced Studies event, UWA, 26 April 2016.

Symposium paper: ‘Ask a Pacifist’, ‘War and Emotions’ CHE symposium, UWA, 17 August 2015.

Workshop paper: ‘Fictional Doctors and Public Policy Issues’, ‘Physicians, Persuasion and Politics: Lobbying and Culture in Britain and France, c.1780–1940’ workshop, University of Southampton, UK, 6 July 2015.

Plenary lecture: ‘Keats, Mourning and Melancholia’, ‘John Keats: Poet-Physician, Physician-Poet, 1815–1821: A Bicentenary Conference’, organised by the Keats Foundation, London, UK, 3 May 2015.

Plenary lecture: ‘Kipling and Yeats at 150’, ‘Yeats and Kipling: Retrospectives, Perspectives’ conference, University of New Delhi, India, 12 March 2015.

Conference Paper: ‘Elijah Moshinsky’s Cymbeline’, Société Française Shakespeare ‘Shakespeare 450’ conference,  The Sorbonne, Paris, France, 25 April 2014.

Public Presentation: ‘Verdi’s Iago’, at ‘Iago: the Man, the Devil and Emotion’, UWA, 10 February 2014.

Plenary Opening Address: ‘Shakespeare's Republic of Little People’, Shakespeare Association of India Conference ‘Shakespeare and Republicanism’, Jammu University, India, 16–18 October 2013.

Keynote Address: ‘Animal Rights and Romantic Sensibility’, Romantic Studies Association of Australasia 2012 Postgraduate Symposium, The University of Melbourne, 15–17 November 2012.

Plenary Lecture: ‘Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare’, Indian Shakespeare Association, Khota, Rajasthan, India, 1–6 October 2012.

Conference Presentation: ‘Discrepant Emotional Awareness in Shakespeare’at ‘Passion’ seminar, International Shakespeare Association, Stratford on Avon, UK, 6–10 August, 2012.

Plenary Presentation: ‘Smiles that Reveal, Smiles that Conceal’; British Shakespeare Association, Lancaster University, UK, 20–26 February 2012.