Penelope Rossiter

Penelope Rossiter is a Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Social Analysis at Western Sydney University. Her research interests are interdisciplinary, and she is currently conducting research in two fields that appear quite distinct but share a concern with affective and emotional dimensions of relationships to, and in, place. The first of these is a phenomenological study of bodies that swim and the emotional significance of the municipal pool in Australia. The second, concerns the affective and emotional dimensions of class and how these shape and are shaped by, representations of poverty and inequality in Australian Reality TV. She also has a particular interest in pedagogy and the interdisciplinary study of emotions and offers an advanced level undergraduate subject in Emotions, Culture and Community.




Rossiter, P. 'The Municipal Pool in Australia: Emotional Geography and Affective Intensities'. Emotions: History, Culture, Society 3.2 (2019): 300–20.