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Joy Damousi

Joy Damousi (FAHSA FASSA) is Professor of History and ARC Laureate at The University of Melbourne and Senior Honorary Research Fellow of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions at The University of Western Australia (UWA). She has published on various aspects of grief, trauma and loss during the two world wars. With Philip Dwyer she is the general editor of a four volume World History of Violence, due to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2018. She is also currently the editor of the History series for Melbourne University Press. Prof. Damousi collaborated with other CHE researchers, including work on the Bloomsbury Series A Cultural History of Emotions. She was the 2015 Fred Alexander Fellow in History at UWA. Her current research includes war, trauma and post-war Greek migration to Australia; sound and emotions in the two world wars; and child refugees and war.



Books: Single-Authored

DAMOUSI, J. Memory and Migration in the Shadow of War: Australia's Greek Immigrants After World War II and the Greek Civil War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

DAMOUSI, J. Colonial Voices: A Cultural History of English in Australia, 1840-1940. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. i+315 pp.

DAMOUSI, J. Freud in the Antipodes: A Cultural History of Psychoanalysis in Australia. Sydney: UNSW Press, 2005. 1+374 pp.

DAMOUSI, J. Living With the Aftermath: Trauma, Nostalgia and Grief in Post- War Australia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. vii+240 pp.

DAMOUSI, J. The Labour of Loss: Mourning, Memory and Wartime Bereavement in Australia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999. ix+212 pp. (1999).

Books: Co-Authored

DAMOUSI, J., M. LAKE, R. REYNOLDS and M. MCKENNA. What’s Wrong With Anzac: The Militarisation of Australian History. Sydney: UNSW Press, 2010 (2nd Edition).

DAMOUSI, J. J. CASH. Footy Passions. UNSW Press: Sydney, 2009.

Edited Books

DAVIDSON, J. W. and J. DAMOUSI, eds. A Cultural History of the Emotions in the Modern and Post-Modern Age (1920–2000+). Volume 6. London: Bloomsbury, 2019.

DAMOUSI, J. and P. DWYER, eds. Cambridge World History of Violence. 4 Volumes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

DAMOUSI, J. and P. HAMILTON, eds. A Cultural History of Sound, Memory and the Senses. New York: Routledge, 2017.

DAMOUSI, J., R. ARCHER, M. GOOT and S. SCALMER, eds. The Conscription Conflict and the Great War. Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, 2016.

DAMOUSI, J., B. LANG and K. SUTTON, eds. Case Studies and the Dissemination of Knowledge. New York: Routledge, 2015.

DAMOUSI, J. and A. CURTHOYS, eds. What Did You Do in the Cold War Daddy? Personal Stories from a Troubled Time. Sydney: UNSW Press, 2014.


DAMOUSI, J. ‘Gender and Mourning’. In Gendering the Great War, edited by S. R. Grayzel and T. Proctor, pp. 211–29. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘The Greek Civil War, Child Removal and Traumatic Pasts in Australia’. In Legacies of Violence: Rendering the Unspeakable Past in Modern Australia, edited by R. Mason, pp. 127–41. Berghahn: New York, 2017.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Sound and Silence in War: Dresden and Paris in the Second World War’. In A Cultural History of Sound, Memory and the Senses, edited by J. Damousi and P. Hamilton, pp. 123–41. Routledge: New York, 2017.

DAMOUSI, J. '“This is against all the British traditions of fair play”: Violence against Greeks on the Australian home-front during the First World War’. In Australia and the Great War: Identity, Memory and Mythology, edited by M. Walsh and A. Vankos, pp.128–45. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2016. 

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Universities and Conscription: The ‘Yes’ Campaign and the University of Melbourne’. In The Conscription Conflict and the Great War, edited by R. Archer, J. Damousi, S. Scalmer and M. Goot, pp. 83–101. Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, Melbourne, 2016, 

DAMOUSI, J., B. LANG and K. SUTTON. Introductory essay: ‘Case Study and the Dissemination of Knowledge’.  In Case Studies and the Dissemination of Knowledge, edited by J. Damousi, B. Lang and K. Sutton, pp. 1–12. New York: Routledge, 2015.

DAMOUSI, J., ‘Sexuality and the Case Study in the United States, 1940-1965’.  In Case Studies and the Dissemination of Knowledge, edited by J. Damousi, B. Lang and K. Sutton, pp. 133–51. Routledge, New York, 2015.

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DAMOUSI, J. '‘Legacies of War and Migration: Memories of War Trauma and Second Generation Greek-Australians’.  In Migration and Insecurity: Citizenship and Social Inclusion in a Transnational Era, edited by N. Steiner, R. Mason and A. Hayes, pp. 31–47. London: Routledge, 2012.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Geza Roheim and the Australian Aborigine: Psychoanalytic Anthropology During the Inter-War Years’.  In Globalizing the Unconscious: Psychoanalysis, Colonial Trauma, Global Sovereignties, edited by W. Anderson and R. Keller, pp. 75–95. Durham: Duke University Press, 2011.

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DAMOUSI, J. ‘Eyes Left: Psychiatrist Reginald Ellery and the Soviet Dream’.  In Political Tourists: Australian Travellers to the Soviet Union in the 1920s–1940s, edited by S. Fitzpatrick and C. Rasmussen, pp. 170188. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2008.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘The Travelling Psychoanalyst: Andrew Peto and Transnational Explorations into Psychoanalysis in Budapest, Melbourne and New York’. In The Transnational Unconscious: Essays in the History of Psychoanalysis and Transnationalism, edited by J. Damousi and M. Plotkin. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘The Emotions of History’. In The Historian’s Conscience: Australian Historians on the Ethics of History, edited by S. Macintyre, pp. 28–39. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2004.

Refereed Journal Articles

DAMOUSI, J. ‘The Campaign for Japanese-Australian Children to Enter Australia, 19571968: A History of Post-War Humanitarianism’. Australian Journal of Politics and History 2 (2018).

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Building “healthy happy family units”: Aileen Fitzpatrick and Reuniting Greek Children Separated by the Greek Civil War with their Families in Australia, 19491954’. Journal of The History of the Family (June 2017): 1–19. 

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Humanitarianism in the Inter-War Years: How Australians Responded to the Child Refugees of the Armenian Genocide and the Greek-Turkish Exchange’. History Australia 12.1 (2015): 95–115.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘“We are human beings, and have a past”: The “Adjustment” of Migrants and the Australian Assimilation Policies of the 1950s’. Australian Journal of Politics and History 59.4 (2013): 501–16.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘The Greek Civil War and Child Migration to Australia – Aileen Fitzpatrick and the Australian Council of International Social Service’. Social History 37.3 (2012): 297–313.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Ethnicity and Emotions: Psychic Life in Greek Communities’. Modern Greek Studies 14 (2010) 7–25.

DAMOUSI, J., and J. Cash. ‘Inside Footy Mania’ Meanjin 63.4 (2004): 218–25.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘History Matters: The Politics of Grief and Injury in Australian History’. Australian Historical Studies 118 (2002): 100–12.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Private Loss, Public Mourning: Motherhood, Memory and Grief During the Inter-War Years’. Women's History Review 8.2 (June 1999): 347–60.

Other Publications

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Silence and Noise: Legacies of war and migration for Second Generation Greek-Australians’.  Agora, History Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Melbourne, 2013.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘War Trauma, Psychology and Portraiture’.  Inner Worlds: Portraits and Psychology Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, 2011.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Fear: Its Past, Present, Future’. Antithesis, 2010.

DAMOUSI, J. ‘Wartime Memory and Patterns of Mourning in Australia’. Dialogue, Academy of Social Sciences, 2005.

Conference and Seminar Participation

*Invitations to speak

2016: Public Lecture: 'History of Child Refugees', The University of Queensland.

*2016: Keynote Address: 'Child Refugees', Scottish Refugee Week, University of Glasgow, Scotland. 

*2016: 'Humanitarian relief and child refugees in the Spanish Civil War: The case of Esme Odgers and Australia', European Social Science History Conference, University of Valencia, Spain.

*2015: Public Lecture: ‘Child Refugees and Australian Internationalism’, The University of Melbourne.

*2015: Fred Alexander Public Lecture: Hell Sounds, Birdsongs and Zeppelins: Emotions, Memory and the Soundscape of the Great War, The University of Western Australia.

*2014: Keynote Address: War and Memorialisation, University of Otago, New Zealand.

*2014: ‘Gender, Mourning and the First World War’, Berkshire Conference for Women’s History, University of Toronto.

*2014: ‘War– An Emotional History’, University of Sussex and the British Academy, London.

*2014: ‘Child Refugees and the Greek Civil War’, History Seminar Series, UNSW.

*2013: ‘Greek Child Migration to Australia’, Children and War Conference, University of Salzburg.

*2013: Greek Civil War and Children to Australia, The University of Sydney.

*2012: Keynote Address: ‘When History Hurts: Writing the History of Violence’, History of Violence conference, The University of Newcastle.

*2012: Keynote Address: ‘The Greek Civil War, the United Nations and Australia: An Untold History’, Battle of Crete Commemoration Symposium, Parliament House, Sydney.

*2011: Keynote Address: ‘Greek war stories on the edge: Transnationalism, Memory and Assimilation in Post-war Australia’, Australian Historical Association Conference, Launceston.

*2011: Keynote Address: ‘The Greek Civil War and Child Removal: Trans-nationalism, War and Motherhood’, History of Motherhood Conference, Macquarie University.

2011: ‘Trans-Nationalism, Migration and Inter-Generational War Trauma’, Berkshire Conference for Women’s History, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

2010: ‘Reviewing War and Emotions in Australian History’, Australian Historical Association Conference, Perth.

*2010: Public Lecture: ‘Greek War Stories: Migration, War Trauma and Intergenerational War Stories Alex Condos Memorial Lecture, Brisbane.

*2010:‘The Greek Civil War and Child Removal: A Study of Contested Memory, History Department, The University of Queensland.

*2006: Keynote Address: ‘Freudianism, the Wars and Intellectual life in Australia’, Mars and Minerva: Intellectuals and War in Australia and New Zealand’ Second Trevena Conference, University of New England.

*2006: ‘Gender and Emotions’, Feminist History Group, The University of Melbourne.

*2006: Keynote Address: ‘Ethnicity and Emotions: Psychic life in Greek Communities’, Minorities in the Greek World Conference, The University of Sydney.

*2005: ‘Meaning and Melancholia: Vicissitudes of a Passionate Attachment to a Football Team’, Center for the Humanities, Cultures of Mourning Conference, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA.

*2005: ‘Geza Roheim and the Collective Trauma of the Australian Aborigine: Psychoanalytic Anthropology during the Inter-War Years’, Unconscious Dominions: Comparing Histories of Psychoanalysis, Empire, and Citizenship’ Workshop, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

*2004: ‘National or Transnational? Historical Perspectives on Melancholia in Public and Private Life’, Transnational History Symposium, HRC, ANU, Canberra.

*2003: Keynote Address: ‘Not Far from the Maddening Crowd: Freud and the Listening Cure in the Twentieth Century’, Approaches to Madness, Freud Conference, Melbourne.

*2003: Keynote Address: ‘Rethinking Histories of Emotional Life: Blurring Boundaries of Self and Culture’, New Zealand Historical Association Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand.

*2002: ‘Trauma and Grief in Post-War Australia’, Centre for Grief Education, Monash Medical Centre.

*2001: Keynote Address: 'Freud in the Antipodes', Trevour Reese Memorial Lecture, Australian Studies Centre, London.

*2001: Challenging Histories Symposium, 'History Matters: The Politics of Grief and Injury in Australian History', Museum of Victoria.

*2001: Keynote Address: 'War, Culture and Society', Symposium, University of Newcastle.

1999: 'Marriage Wars': Memories of Marriage to Australian Returned Servicemen, 19451965', Frontiers of Memory Conference, London.

*1999: 'Public Mourning, Private Grief: Motherhood and grief during the inter-war Years', Women's Studies Centre, Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois, USA.

ARC Grants/Fellowships Received

ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellowship, $2,472,756(‘Child Refugees and Australian Internationalism, 1920 to the present’ 20142019)

ARC Discovery Project $260,000 (‘Hell Sounds: The Soundscape of War, 1914–1945’), Chief Sole CI

ARC Linkage Grant $150,000 (‘Comedy: No laughing matter: identifying and preserving the history of comedy in Melbourne, 1960s1980s’, 2013–2015), Co-CI

ARC Discovery Grant $626,000 (‘Making the Case: The Case Study Genre in Sexology, Psychoanalysis and Literature’, 2010–2103) Co-CI

ARC Discovery Grant $367,972 (‘Greek War Stories: Trans-nationalism, war trauma and migration’, 20102012) Chief Sole CI