Indira Ghose

Professor Indira Ghose is a International Partner Investigator at the Université de Fribourg in Switzerland. Her research explores the relationship between laughter and emotions in early modern culture. In particular, she is interested in how different views of laughter shape Renaissance genres such as stage comedy and jestbooks. She is currently working on the management of passions in Renaissance courtesy literature and its ramifications in early modern drama.

Indira Ghose taught English as a Foreign Language in Germany for a number of years before taking her PhD and Habilitation at the Free University of Berlin. She was Lecturer in English Literature at the Free University of Berlin from 1995 to 2006. In 2007 she was appointed to the Chair of English Literature at the University of Fribourg. Her research interests are Renaissance drama and courtesy literature.

Her work intersects with that of Chief Investigators Bob White and Peter Holbrook.

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Laughter and Emotions in the Early Modern World: Tracing a History of the Emotions Precisely by Examining Mechanisms (Such as Laughter) that Serve to Control the Passions and Create a Sense of Emotional Detachment



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Journal Article

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