German E. Berrios

German E. Berrios is Professor of Psychiatry at Cambridge University, UK and sits on CHE’s Advisory Board. He read Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science at Oxford University; and trained as a Neurologist and Psychiatrist at the Oxford United Hospitals. He was taught Medical Statistics by Professor Max Hamilton and received didactic analysis from Harry Guntrip, both at Leeds University. He has been teaching at the University of Cambridge since 1977 where until his retirement he held the Chair of the Epistemology of Psychiatry and the Headship of the Department of Neuropsychiatry (Addenbrooke’s Hospital). He is also a Life Fellow of Robinson College, Cambridge. He has published 14 books and over 450 papers on the clinical aspects of various neurological and psychiatric disorders, Psychopathology, and the Epistemology of Psychiatry. He holds honoris causa doctorates from the Universities of Heidelberg (Germany); San Marcos (Perú), Autónoma (Barcelona); Buenos Aires (Argentine); Córdoba (Argentine), Nacional (Chile). In 2006 a "Berrios Chair" of Psychopathology was created at the University of Antioquia (Colombia); in 2007 he was awarded the Order of the Sun by the Peruvian Government; in 2008 the Ramón y Cajal Award by the International Neuropsychiatric Association; and in 2010 he was made Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of the UK.

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