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Carol Williams

Carol J. Williams is an Honorary Associate Investigator (AI 2012) with the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. As an adjunct research fellow of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of Monash University, she has an established academic career in both musicology and history. She is one of the collaborating editors and translators of the Ars Musice of Johannes de Grocheio (Medieval Institute Publications, 2011) and the Tractatus de tonis of Guy of Saint-Denis (Medieval Institute Publications, 2017). Solo publications include the essay ‘Modes and Manipulation: Music, the State, and Emotion’ in Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100–1800 (Brill, 2015), a memorial volume for Philippa Maddern and, more recently, ’The tonary as analytic guidebook for the performance of chant’ in Music Performance and Analysis (University of Western Australia, 2017). She is also a performing musician, singing and playing harp and rebec in the early music ensemble, Acord.



Emotions in Medieval Music Theory

2012‒2016 Liturgy, Materiality and the Senses

Relevant Publications


Mews, Constant J., Carol J. Williams, John N. Crossley and Catherine Jeffreys, eds and trans. Guy of Saint-Denis Tractatus De Tonis Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 2017.

Mews, Constant J., John N. Crossley, Carol J. Williams, Catherine Jeffreys and Leigh McKinnon, eds and trans. Johannes de Grocheio, Ars musice, TEAMS. Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 2011.

Refereed Articles

Mews, Constant J., Catherine Jeffreys, Leigh McKinnon, Carol Williams and John N. Crossley. ‘Guy of Saint-Denis and the Compilation of Texts about Music in London, British Library, Harl. MS. 281’. Electronic British Library Journal (2008), art 6, 1‒34.

Mews, Constant J., John N. Crossley and Carol Williams. 'Guy of St Denis on the Tones: Thinking about Chant for Saint-Denis c.1300'. Journal of Plainsong and Medieval Music 23.2 (2014): 151‒76.

Mews, C. J. and C. J. Williams. ‘Ancients and Moderns in Medieval Music Theory: from Guido of Arezzo to Jacobus’. Intellectual History Review [invited 9.6.2015]

Book chapters

Mews, C. J. and C. J. Williams. ‘Music and Dance’. In A Cultural History of the Emotions in the Medieval Age, edited by J. F. Ruys and C. Monagle, pp. 49–64. Vol. 2. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019.

Williams, C. J. ’The tonary as analytic guidebook for the performance of chant’. In Music Performance and Analysis, pp. 64‒72. University of Western Australia, 2017. 

Williams, C. J. ‘Modes and Manipulation: Music, the State, and Emotion’. In Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100‒1800, edited by S. Broomhall, pp. 48‒68. Leiden: Brill, 2015.

Selected Presentations

Symposium Paper: ‘The Expression in Medieval Plainchant of the Emotion of Religious Text’, ‘Religion and Emotion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, c.1100–1800’ symposium, The University of Adelaide, 23 November 2018.

Conference Paper: ‘Hearing the Path to the Heart in Letters Between Twelfth-Century Lovers’, Third International Conference of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions ‘The Future of Emotions/Conversations Without Borders’, The University of Western Australia, 14–15 June 2018.