Research Fellows

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The ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (Europe 1100 - 1800) employs specialist Research Fellows who make a unique contribution to a particular aspect of our research.

    • Dr Merridee L Bailey | Senior Research Fellow

      Dr Merridee L Bailey | Senior Research Fellow

      Dr Merridee Bailey was appointed as a five-year Research Fellow based at the University of Adelaide in the Change program. She is investigating emotional discourses surrounding merchant practices in London over the late medieval and early modern period, c. 1450-1650. Drawing on an array of archival materials, from court records to popular printed didactic texts, she is examining the central role of emotions and morality in London merchant activities and the ways in which moral virtues, vices and emotional expressions of good economic conduct were represented. In addition, her research investigates the language of emotions in legal and literary texts. Her project revises our ideas of medieval and early modern merchants, showing that emotions and morality were at the core of economic activity.

    • Dr Grace Moore | Senior Research Fellow

      Dr Grace Moore | Senior Research Fellow

      Grace Moore is a Senior Research Fellow in the Shaping the Modern program at The University of Melbourne. Her primary research project is an examination of the representation of bushfires in nineteenth-century settler literature, which will lead to a book, Arcady in Flames. Grace's recent research projects include an essay on emotional responses to arson in novels and the periodical press, combining the work of Brian Massumi with readings of popular short stories and a novella by Anthony Trollope. With Stephanie Trigg, she will be producing a fire source book for high school children. Grace will also be convening the 'Fire Stories' symposium, which will take place at the University of Melbourne in December 2013.

    • Dr Andrew Lawrence-King | Honorary Senior Visiting Research Fellow

      Dr Andrew Lawrence-King | Honorary Senior Visiting Research Fellow

      Andrew Lawrence-King is a harpist and early music specialist who is currently an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at CHE, working within the Performance Program. He is a conductor who directs from one of several continuo instruments, including harp, organ, harpsichord & psaltery. In 2011, Lawrence King won a coveted grammy award as harp soloist in the category of Best Small Ensemble Performance, performing alongside Jordi Savall.

    • Dr Alicia Marchant | Research Associate

      Dr Alicia Marchant | Research Associate

      Dr Alicia Marchant is a Research Associate with the Centre, working on a project with Professor Susan Broomhall that explores the complex relationship of medieval and early modern objects, emotions, and place in Scotland. Dr Marchant studied medieval history and literature as an undergraduate and received her PhD at the University of Western Australia in 2012. The thesis was a study of the representation of the revolt of Owain Glyndŵr in English chronicle narratives from 1400 to c.1580. She currently lives in Hobart, Tasmania.

    • Dr Claire McIlroy | Research Associate

      Dr Claire McIlroy | Research Associate

      Claire McIlroy is the CHE International Research Liaison Officer responsible for forging links with international scholars working in the field, identifying opportunities for collaboration and joint funding initiatives with international research centres and cultural heritage organizations, drafting funding applications and the general promotion of CHE activities to the wider global research community. She also manages the activities of the European-based Co-operative for the Advancement of Research through a Medieval European Network (CARMEN), is the Vice President (Australia) of the Australia and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies and is a member of a number of editorial boards. She previously coordinated the ARC Network for Early European Research (NEER).

    • Rebecca Millar | Research Associate

      Rebecca Millar | Research Associate

      Rebecca Millar is a CHE Research Associate, working with Professor Susan Broomhall on the Zest Festival project. Rebecaa, who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Horticulture) is currently the Zest Festival Coordinator. Rebecca has had 15 years' experience working with dynamic teams to create long lasting change within rural and urban communities integrating ecological, social and economic goals to create sustainable landscapes. Rebecca is working with the community and partners to curate the five year Zest Festival. The festival is a vehicle for attracting and enriching Australians' and international visitors' cultural experience while providing a platform for the local community and indigenous community to share their culture. She lives in Kalbarri Western Australia where the people, history and landscape have inspired her to devote her time to creating a sustainable community and exploring our culture.