Research Stream

Olivia Formby

Olivia Formby is researching her MPhil thesis at The University of Queensland. She completed her BA (Hons) degree at UQ in 2014, and was awarded the UQ University Medal and the History Honours Research Prize for her thesis on ‘Martyrdom and Emotions in the Eyam Plague, 1665-6’. Her research focuses on the intrinsic relationship between religion and emotional experience in the early modern world, material and print culture, probate records, and the landscape. Under the supervision of Dr Dolly MacKinnon (CHE Honorary Associate Investigator), Olivia’s MPhil project explores the role of religious belief and ritual in sustaining emotional communities under plague in early modern England, 1631-38.


Twitter: @oliviaformby


An Emotional History of Plague in Early Modern England, 1631-38