Jodi McAlister

Dr Jodi McAlister is a Lecturer in Writing and Literature at Deakin University, Melbourne Burwood Campus, and in 2017 was an Associate Lecturer in English at the University of Tasmania.  She is an Honorary Associate of The University of Melbourne node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (2017). Her primary research areas are romantic love and its representations in and intersections with popular culture. Her PhD thesis examined representations of female virginity loss and the way they have been affected by discourses of romantic love in modern history, and she is currently working on transforming this thesis into a monograph.

She is particularly interested in popular romance studies, a field in which she has multiple publications. She holds leadership positions in this field: from 2017, she has been the Area Co-Chair for Romance for the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA), and from 2015, she has been the Area Chair for Popular Romance for the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ). She is a member of the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance (IASPR), the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA), and the Australian Historical Association (AHA).

She is also an author. Her debut novel Valentine was published by Penguin in January 2017. Its sequel Ironheart will follow in January 2018.



How Do We Love In The Land Down Under?: Romantic Love in Australian Popular Fiction in the Long Nineteenth Century


Journal articles

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Book chapters

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Selected Presentations

McAlister, Jodi. ‘Love and the Mother/Land: Romantic Love in Nineteenth-Century Australian Popular Novels’. Conference paper presented at the Australian Historical Association conference, The University of Newcastle, 3‒7 July 2017; and the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand conference, Massey University, Wellington, 10‒11 July 2017.