Francesco De Toni

Francesco De Toni is a PhD candidate in European Languages and Studies at The University of Western Australia. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Modern Letters and his master’s degree in Modern Philology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan in 2011 and in 2013, respectively. His PhD project investigates the construction and expression of friendship in the correspondence of nineteenth-century churchmen. Specifically, his research aims at explaining how friendship was linguistically performed in the epistolary discourse and at clarifying the interaction between the epistolary form, politeness and deference, and the expression of emotions.




Constructing and Expressing Friendship in the Correspondence of Rosendo Salvado and his Epistolary Networks: A Corpus-Based Linguistic Analysis


    Journal articles

    De Toni F. 2021. ‘(Im)politeness strategies in Renaissance books of letters: the model of Pietro Aretino’s Lettere’. Journal of Historical Pragmatics (special issue). (forthcoming, abstract accepted), 

    De Toni, F. 2019. ‘The Sincerity of Friendship: a Historical-Pragmatic Analysis of Sincerity, Politeness and Emotional Self-Disclosure in the Correspondence of a Nineteenth-Century Monastic Network’. Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication (special issue on historical pragmatics and epistolarity). (Forthcoming).

    De Toni, F. 2016, ‘Constructing friendships with letters: some observations on friendship and its linguistic expression in the correspondence of Rosendo Salvado’s epistolary network’. New Norcia Studies 23 (2016): 93‒108.

    Book chapter

    De Toni F. 2021. 'Experience'. In Religious Discourse Analysis: an Introduction, edited by S. Pihlaja. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Forthcoming, book proposal and chapter abstract accepted).

    De Toni F. 2020. ‘Forme linguistiche e funzioni pragmatiche nell’italiano epistolare: l’espressione delle emozioni in chiave diacronica’ [Linguistic forms and pragmatic functions of Italian letter writing: the expression of emotions in a historical perspective]. In Pragmatica storica dell’italiano: modelli e usi comunicativi del passato, atti del XIII convegno ASLI, Associazione per la storia della lingua italiana (Catania, 29-31 ottobre 2018), edited by G. Alfieri, G. Alfonzetti and S. Sardo. (Forthcoming, abstract accepted).

    De Toni, F. 2018 ‘Lessico e semantica delle emozioni: testimonianze di evoluzione storica in dizionari ed enciclopedie sette-ottocenteschi’ [Lexicon and semantics of emotions: evidence of historical evolution in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century dictionaries and encyclopaedias]. In Etimologia e storia delle parole: atti del XII convegno ASLI, Associazione per la storia della lingua italiana (Firenze, Accademia della Crusca, 3–5 novembre 2016), edited by L. Tomasin and L. D’Onghia, pp. 289–305.  Firenze: Cesati, 2018.

    Conference Papers

    De Toni, F. 2017, ‘The Sincerity of Friendship: A Historical-Pragmatic Analysis of Sincerity and Emotional Self-Disclosure in the Correspondence of a Nineteenth-Century Monastic Network’, 15th International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast, UK, 16–21 July 2017.

    De Toni, F. (with Federica Verdina), 2017. Conference Panel Paper: ‘Scrittura epistolare e reti sociali: un'analisi della corrispondenza di Rosendo Salvado, 1846–1900’ [Letter writing and social networks: analysis of Rosendo Salvado’s correspondence, 1846–1900], 9th Biennial Conference of the Australian Centre for Italian Studies, ‘Scontri e incontri: the dynamics of Italian transcultural exchanges’, Monash Prato Centre, Prato, Italy, 4–7 July 2017.

    De Toni, F. 2016, ‘Lessico e semantica delle emozioni: testimonianze di evoluzione storica in dizionari sette-ottocenteschi’. Paper presented at the 12th conference of the Associazione per la Storia della Lingua Italiana (ASLI), Etimologia e storia di parole, Accademia della Crusca, Florence, 3‒5 November 2016.

    De Toni, F. 2016, ‘Emotions and Friendship in a Nineteenth-Century Western Australian Mission: Constructing Friendship and Managing Emotions through Letter Writing in the Catholic Mission of New Norcia’, ‘Emotions: Movement, Cultural Contact and Exchange, 1100‒1800’ Conference, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 30 June to 2 July 2016.

    De Toni, F. 2015, ‘Overcoming distance in 19th-century Western Australia: the language of friendship in Canon Raffaele Martelli’s letters’. Paper presented at the ACIS 8th Biennial Conference ‘Fertile spaces, dynamic places: mapping the cultures of Italy’, The University of Sydney, 1‒4 July 2015.

    De Toni, F. 2015, ‘The negotiation of social relationships and the rhetorical expression of emotions in Italian Renaissance books of letters: the case of Pietro Aretino’s Lettere’. Paper presented at the ANZAMEMS 10th Biennial Conference, The University of Queensland, 14‒18 July 2015.


    15 May 2017: Il Globo (Australian newspaper in Italian). Interview with Francesco de Toni by Pino Lamberti . ‘Il linguaggio epistolare dell’amicizia’ [The epistolary language of friendship], p. 31.