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Clare Davidson

Clare Davidson is an Associate of the UWA node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, and a sessional lecturer in English and Cultural Studies at The University of Western Australia (UWA). She completed her PhD, which focused on the rhetoric of physiological and mental arousal in fourteenth-century Middle English literature, at UWA in 2017. She graduated with a BA (Hons) from The University of Melbourne in 2012. Her current research continues to explore sensory human experience particularly through the lens of aesthetics, reading practices and the history of the body.



The Birds and the Bees: Reading Middle English Arousal in the Natural World


Davidson, C. H. 'Aligning Natural and Supernatural Arousal', Perth Medieval and Renaissance Group/UWA Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies Annual Conference
‘The Natural and Supernatural in Medieval and Early Modern Worlds’, UWA, 7 October 2017.

Davidson, C. H. 'Shockingly Conventional: Observing the Arousal of Desire in Troilus and Criseyde', 'Powerful Emotions/ Emotions and Power c.400–1850’conference, University of York, UK, 28–29 June 2017.

Davidson, C. H. 'Tremulous Arousal and the Natural Physiology of Love', ‘Fears and Angers: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives' conference, Queen Mary University of London, UK, 19–20 June 2017.

Davidson, C. H. 'Reading in Bed with Troilus and Criseyde', 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, USA, 11-14 May 2017.

Davidson, C. H. ‘Mobile Emotions and the Temporality of Desire in Troilus and Criseyde’, 11th Biennial Conference of the Australian & New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies ‘Mobility and Exchange’, 7‒10 February 2017.

Davidson, C. H. ‘"For feere almost she gan to falle": On the Apprehension of Love in Troilus and Criseyde’, CHE symposium ‘Feeling (for) the Premodern’, UWA, 2‒3 September 2016.

Davidson, C. H. ‘Translating Feeling in Troilus and Criseyde’, CHE symposium, ‘Chaucer as Translator/ Translating Chaucer’ UWA, 7 June 2016.


Davidson, C. H. '"For wele or woo”: Lyrical Negotiations of the Middle English Heart'.  In The Feeling Heart in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Meaning, Embodiment and Making, edited by Katie Barclay and Bronwyn Reddan. Kalamazoo: Medieval Imprint Press, forthcoming 2018.

Blog Post

Davidson, C. H. ‘Ecosexual Bathhouse’ and The Parliament of Fowls: Part One'. CHE Histories of Emotion blog, 28 April 2017.