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Charles Zika

Charles Zika is a Chief Investigator whose research projects in CHE contribute to the Change and Meanings Programs. Charles is involved in work on the changing relationship of emotions and religion through history, concentrating on the emotions of inclusion created in response to sacred space and especially in rituals of pilgrimage, and emotions of exclusion and demonisation invoked to counter perceived threats to communities and their integrity.

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Curriculum Vitae

Research Projects

Emotions and Exclusion: Witchcraft Imagery of the 17th and Early 18th Centuries

Emotions, Sacred Place & Community: the Shrine of Mariazell

Natural Disasters and Apocalyptic Anxiety: The Wick Collection

Selected Publications

Zika, C. ‘The Kerry Stokes Schembart Book: Festivity, Fashion and Family in the Late Medieval Nuremberg Carnival’.  In Antipodean Early Modern European Art in Australian Collections, c.1200–1600, edited by A. Dunlop, pp. 269–85. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2018.

Zika, C. ‘The Witch of Endor Before the Witch Trials’. In Contesting Orthodoxy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Heresy, Magic and Witchcraft, edited by L. N. Kallestrup and R. M. Toivo, pp. 167–91. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

C.Zika, M.Manion, Celebrating Word and Image 1250-1600. Illuminated Manuscripts from the Kerry Stokes Collection, [Perth: Australian Capital Equity & Fremantle Press, 2013]. ISBN: 9781922089595.

C. Zika, ‘The witch in early modern art’, in Handbook of Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and Colonial America, (Ed.) Brian Levack, [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013], pp. 141-156. ISBN: 9780199578160

C. Zika, C. Leahy & J. Spinks (Eds), The Four Horsemen: Apocalypse, Death & Disaster, [Melbourne: National Gallery of Victoria, 2012],  ISBN 978-0-72410-357-7.

C. Zika, ‘Witchcraft and the Scapegoating of Disaster’, in The Four Horsemen: Apocalypse, Death and Disaster, (Eds) C. Leahy, J. Spinks & C. Zika, [Melbourne: National Gallery of Victoria, 2012], pp. 62-75.

C. Zika, 'The Baillieu Library's Etching of André Laurent, "Saul and the Witch of Endor", after Salvator Rosa', in Print Matters at the Baillieu, (Eds)  S.Jaehrling & K.Stone [Melbourne: Cussonia Press, 2011]