Andrea Bubenik

Andrea is an Associate Investigator at The University of Queensland for the life of the Centre. She completed her PhD at Queen’s University in Canada in 2007, and moved to Australia in 2009 to take up her position at UQ. Andrea’s research and teaching is focused on the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and especially the art and science of Albrecht Dürer. She is author of Reframing Albrecht Dürer: The Appropriation of Art, 1528‒1700 (Ashgate, 2013), which focuses on aspects of Dürer’s reception. In her role as an Associate Investigator with CHE, Andrea is researching the role of the passions in early modern art theory, and especially the concept of melancholy. She is the curator of the exhibition Five Centuries of Melancholia held at the UQ Art Museum in Brisbane (29 August30 November 2014), a commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Albrecht Dürer’s engraving Melencolia I (1514), and an exploration of melancholy in art from the Renaissance to today.



Five Centuries of Melancholia