Alex Edney-Browne

Alex Edney-Browne is a PhD candidate in International Relations at The University of Melbourne. She graduated with a BA Hons (First Class) in Media, Film and Television and Politics and International Relations from the University of Auckland in 2015. Alex’s research is interdisciplinary, engaging with science and technology studies, cultural studies and critical international relations.

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The Drone Interface: Locating the ‘Human’ in Digital Warfare

Publications (academic journals)

Edney-Browne, Alex. ‘Embodiment and Affect in a Digital Age: Understanding Mental Illness in Military Drone Personnel’. Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 1 (2017): 18‒32.

Edney-Browne, Alex. ‘The Act of Killing: Investigative Strategies for a “Post-political” Age’. Pacific Journalism Review 21.2 (2015): 44–62.


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Online media

Edney-Browne, Alex, and Tilman Ruff. 'Partnerships Between Universities and Arms Manufacturers Raise Thorny Ethical Questions'. The Conversation, 16 March 2018.

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