The University of Queensland CHE node

    • Andrea Bubenik | The University of Queensland Deputy Node Leader*

      Andrea Bubenik | The University of Queensland Deputy Node Leader*


      *Note: Andrea Bubenik is currently serving as the Acting Node Leader for the The University of Queensland Node (July 2019–June 2020) Andrea is an Associate Investigator at The University of Queensland for the life of the Centre. She completed her PhD at Queen’s University in Canada in 2007, and moved to Australia in 2009 where she is now Senior Lecturer in Art History at The University of Queensland. Andrea’s research and teaching focuses on the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and especially the art and science of Albrecht Dürer. She is interested in exploring the afterlives and migrations of images, and ways of creating and enlivening dialogues between historical and contemporary art. Her books include Reframing Albrecht Dürer, Perspectives on Wenceslaus Hollar (co-edited with Anne Thackray), and The Persistence of Melancholia (editor). She has curated two major exhibitions at the UQ Art Museum in Brisbane: Five Centuries of Melancholia (2014), and Ecstasy: Baroque and Beyond (2017). For these exhibitions Andrea also edited and wrote for the accompanying exhibition catalogues, and was central to the many accompanying public programs.