Professional Staff

The administrative staff offer specialist support in management, communications, education and outreach across the nodes.

The antichamber

ARC Centre of Excellence National Staff (hosted at UWA)

Centre Manager                                    Tanya Tuffrey            
Communications Officer                         Erika von Kaschke
Administrative Officer                             Katrina Tap
Research Development Officer                Giovanni Tarantino
Finance Officer                                      Marian Riddell 

The University of Adelaide

Education and Outreach Officer              Carly Osborn
Administrative Officer                            Jacquie Bennett

The University of Melbourne

Education and Outreach Officer              Penelope Lee
Administrative Officer                            Leanne Hunt and Jessica Scott 
National Web Officer                             Kieran O'Shea
Media and Communications Officer         Emma Miller
Social Media and Digital Officer               Lucy Burnett

The University of Queensland

Education and Outreach Officer              Xanthe Ashburner

The University of Sydney

Education and Outreach Officer              Bastian Phelan
Administrative Officer                            Bastian Phelan

The University of Western Australia      

Education and Outreach Officer              Joanna Tyler
Administrative Officer                            Pam Bond