About the Centre

Emotions shape individual, community and national identities.  The ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions uses historical knowledge from Europe, 1100 - 1800, to understand the long history of emotional behaviours. The Centre was established in 2011 under the ARC Centres of Excellence program.

What we do

audiance emotionsWe investigate how European societies thought, felt and functioned from 1100 - 1800, and how those changes impact life in Australia today.

Who we are

hobart colabWe are Australian and international experts in the study of the history of emotions, working in a variety of Humanities disciplines. Meet our  world class academic research team.

Where we are

Where we are imgOur research and collaborations are global, but our work is based at The Universities of Adelaide,  Melbourne,  Queensland,  Sydney and Western Australia.  Explore public  programs and research at a University near you.


We feel extremely privileged to be part of such a team of researchers worldwide, working on the intriguing and vital topic of our long emotions heritage, in ways which may transform the scale and nature of humanities research in Australia. In all parts of our work we are discovering new insights into the history and culture of human emotions, and raising key questions: how have understandings and experiences of emotions changed over time? how have communal emotions and expectations shaped, and continued to shape, our individual and social lives, and our very conception of what it is to be human? This website is your opportunity to meet our investigators, learn about their fascinating research and our outreach activities, and maybe find ways to be involved yourself.